Fusion is truly a powerful genetic force boasting super maternal predictability top and bottom, while adding extra performance and class to his calves. His sire, Tabasco, is one of the most proven sires in our program and his dam, Phantom’s Diamond, is a super donor female. Fusion’s calves consistently have birth weights in the low 60’s making him an ideal choice for both virgin heifers and mature brood cows.

** Painted Tiger 3-390 LH
** Red Tiger 9075 LH
** Miss Gladys 388-6 ET
Sire: ** Tabasco 3018K10 LE
** Cavalier 19/5 LH
Jungle Spice 786 LE
Jungle Fever 3019/5 LE
** Phanton 0266 LH
Patillo's Phantom 35/93 LH
** Lady III 151/89 LH
Dam: ** Phantom's Diamon 119/9 RH
110-6 LH
** 639/3 RH
** 666 RH
Registration # C907807
DOB 10/8/03
Owner Collier Farms Beefmasters