Tabasco will add the flavor of success to your herd through the production of unbelievably fancy females and big strong herd sire prospects. Tabasco continues to prove that he is one of the leading herd sires in the breed through the production of top individuals such as Fusion, the 2007 STBBA Houston Bull Champion, and the 2007 S.A.L.E. Rose Classic Heifer Champion. Study the ourstanding individuals in Tabasco’s lineage and you will realize why he’s a predictable producer.

** Painted Warrior 0026 RH
** Painted Tiger 3-390 LH
** 1-126 LH
Sire: ** Red Tiger 9075 LH
** Phantom 0266 LH
** Miss Gladys 388-6 ET
1598 LH
** Spartacus 86/653 RH
** Cavalier 19/5 LH
** 1-5/5 LH
Dam: Jungle Spice 786 LE
** Cherokee Phantom USA 122/90 LE
Jungle Fever 3019/5 LE
** Jungle Red 3018 RH
Registration # C821734
DOB 3/13/00
Owner Collier Farms Beefmasters