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VL Rojo Designer 9/103

Registration Number: 905484
Date of Birth: September 27, 2009
Owned by: Santa Elena Ranch

VL Rojo Designer 4/128
SIRE: VL Rojo Designer 10/9
VL Elena 2/50
VL Rojo Tinto 3/180
DAM: VL Elena 165/4
+VL Elena 4/136

VL Rojo Designer 9/103 is another Designer bred bull on the top side. His dam is the best producing cow at Santa Elena, VL Elena 165/4. In addition to 9/103, VL Elena 165/4 has produced 2 additional herd sires, VL Rojo Elegante 177/4 and VL Rojo Designer 2/75. 9/103 produces moderate framed calves with outstanding breed character. If you want a bull which comes from a solid foundation, VL Rojo Desinger 9/103 would be the one the one to go to.